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Welcome to Montgomery Lice Treatment Center!

Montgomery Lice Treatment Center provides professional lice and nit removal services, head checks, and lice-related education to Montgomery and surrounding areas.

We are a team of registered nurses that provide a SAFE and CHEMICAL FREE method to effectively remove head lice. 

We have been certified in the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal which is a technique that ensures that every hair has been examined and all lice and nits (eggs) have been removed.

As Registered Nurses we have a passion to help others and we started Montgomery Lice Treatment Center to do just that...assist families with head lice removal.

We take care of your head lice needs in one treatment while providing education to help you to prevent this from happening again. 

Relax. We've Got This!

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Montgomery Lice Treatment Center

8448 Crossland Loop Suite 145, Montgomery, Alabama 36117

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